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which scale inhibitor is right for me
1. If you wish to protect just your Washing Machine?

Choose Scalegon as this product has been specially designed to fit between your washing machine tap and hose. Scalegon replaces anti-scale products that are added to each wash.

2. If you wish to protect any other single appliance that does not store water?

Choose Lime master Gold as this is the most economical means of protecting a single appliance e.g. Shower. The Lime master Gold is a magnetic unit and stored water does not remain treated.

3. If you wish to de-scale an appliance e.g. Kettle, Boiler?

Choose Appliance descaler as this product will remove up to half of its own weight of limescale from appliances.

4. If you wish to protect your whole house or property?

Choose from Sesi, Cracker or Aqua-care.

All of the above are designed to inhibit limescale build up in your whole house and stored water remains treated.

5. If you have existing scale on an unprotected system?

Choose Cracker as the electronics help to breakdown existing scale.

6. If you require no maintenance or running costs?

Choose from Sesi (according to the size of your incoming pipe) as this unit is plumbed in and is "Fit and Forget".

7. If you live in a very hard water area?

Choose Cracker as this is dual technology (Electronic & electrolytic) and is the most powerful unit, requires plumbing and plugging in.

8. Should you wish to have a low initial cost but still wish to protect your whole house?

Choose Aqua-care which doses your water supply with polyphosphate crystals which you can see being absorbed. Replacement cartridge required on a six monthly basis